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One Page Overview

  • Company: TreatMD / TreatMD.com
  • Email: Press@TreatMD.com
  • Phone: 866-288-4990
  • Address: 20807 Suite 304 Biscayne Blvd Aventura FL 33180

One Page Overview

  • Telemedicine or Telehealth is the use of technologies such as phone or video to provide clinical health care to patients at a distance. The Telemedicine industry is one of the fastest growing segments in health care. With hundreds of government bills and regulations being modified and passed...it is reshaping our health care world rapidly. However, our mission at TreatMD is to reshape the way we interpret and use Telemedicine.

    TreatMD is an International on-demand healthcare platform. We call ourselves an "On-demand Healthcare Platform" instead of just a TeleHealth solution. We feel the words "Telehealth" or "Telemedicine" are just one component of our platform, and frankly...they are terms defined in the past when telephone consultations emerged in health care. That was in the past...

    When we were building TreatMD, we put all the players on the whiteboard in this modern healthcare ecosystem. We examined the doctor office scheduling companies, the medical device and wearables companies, the in-home visit companies, and lastly the slew of TeleHealth companies emerging. We said to ourselves we want to build something special...and we set out to redefine the term "On-Demand Healthcare".

    The TreatMD on-demand healthcare platform embraces all visit types, Telehealth engagements, dozens of mHealth devices, and patient management and monitoring solutions in an interactive, searchable, and map-based interface....and on an International scale.

    The First To Deploy:

    TreatMD is the first open, map-based, and on-demand healthcare platform to interact with providers and health care organizations in the industry.
  • TreatMD is the first platform to allow a provider to set their own consultation types and rates while marketing themselves on TreatMD to the public.
  • TreatMD is the first platform structured and developed to take Telehealth internationally. Available in 30+ languages and growing, we want to empower providers, health care professionals, and organizations globally to interact and conduct Telehealth services.
  • First to introduce the proprietary PMPU (Per Member Per Utilization) model to the Telehealth industry.

    Within minutes, a doctor or any practice anywhere in the world can sign up and offer on-demand healthcare solutions to any patient. Within seconds, anyone in the world can connect with any doctor or healthcare facility via Telehealth. A doctor in the United States can monitor and treat a diabetic's glucose levels or someone's blood pressure...say in France. A cancer patient in Spain can connect with a cancer specialist and learn about alternative treatments from around the world. We have just begun...
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Date: 5/1/2016
(TBA) Telemedicine Startup TreatMD.com Aims To Disrupt On-Demand Healthcare... Download Raw Text View Release


20807 Biscayne Blvd Suite 304
Aventura FL 33180 United States.

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