TreatMD Services

Practice/Facility Onboarding & Training

The onboarding process starts with an initial training session, setting up doctors and employees, configuring your practice settings, and getting your Telemedicine portal branded and configured on your website.

We then assign a TreatMD and Telemedicine Specialist to your practice and play in active role getting Telemedicine implemented in all facets of your practice and ready for your patients. We offer hands on support for up to 90 days, offer unlimited training, and we make sure your Telemedicine implementation is organized and successful.

We offer 3 packages below:

30 Day Onboarding and Training

60 Day Onboarding and Training

90 Day Onboarding and Training

Branding and DNS Configuration

We'll fully configure your DNS settings and work with you to brand your Telemedicine portal for your website.

Patient Notification and Engagement

Multi-channel solutions to educate and engage your patients with your new Telemedicine solution. We offer a range of communication channels including live calls, automated calls, email, and mobile messaging.

EHR Integration

A unification of a personal health record or general medical data is a tough feat in our healthcare ecosystem.

TreatMD has integrated with top EHR vendors and continues to advance with others. We can work with your EHR vendor to make patient charts and patient data integrated with your TreatMD platform and visa versa.